About the Project Din A4

What is the DIN A4 Project?

The Project DIN A4 is a collection of contemporary art of works produced on this designated size (normally, but not necessarily, the works have been made specifically for this purpose). It includes both emerging and established artists and even in, some cases, posthumous works have been included by courtesy of the artistic executors.
DIN A4 is a European standard paper size. DIN stands for Deutsches Institut für Normierung (German Institute for Standardization). The A4 measurements are 210 x 297 mm.
Setting this limitation as a condition of the size of the works to this particular format has made it possible to build up, conserve and continue this collection, simply because the size DIN A4 allows for convenience both in storage and transportation.
The Project has asked professional artists, from all over the world, to send two works on paper size DIN A4, in order to apply to participate.
The aim is to encourage artists to be registered and presented. This project can only be realized with the cooperation of all artists. The participation of each artist with his/her work in this project has made the DIN A4 project a permanent manifestation of the persistent urge of artists to represent their thoughts, feelings, environment and time.
With this collection of works we want to make the DIN A4 Project a reference to contemporary art.

When evaluating the DIN A4 project, we should start by considering the concept. This concept has two sides: one, to create an international display of the wide range of contemporary art; the second, to create a permanent collection.
The underlying thought was, after all, that it is an artists' project, that participating in the project should not imply any costs to the artist, apart from sending the works. Their participation would be guaranteed by the growing prestige of the collection and its exhibitions.
The charm and strength of the project is the form: all works are on a standard paper size (DIN A4), often sketchbook size anyway, which fits into standard envelopes and is easy to store and to send. Funnily enough with the overseas expansion of the project, it became clear that DIN A4 is a European standard and Americans had to cut their paper to size. Well, they did and they do!
Having started in Holland, with the enthusiasm of the original members, the involvement of other nationalities quickly spread. Whilst the early impact was that of Dutch and German artists, there later came vibrant additions from Belgian, French, Polish, English and Balkan artists.
The DIN A4 exhibition in two Spanish venues and one in Mexico gave rise to an influx of Spanish speaking artists and later there came the addition of artists from Romania and Italy, and later Cuba, Argentina and Peru. Thus the reputation of DIN A4 spread to an ever widening international field.
DIN A4's Centre of Management has recently been moved from Malaga, Spain, to Holland. With the addition of new initiatives, and the continued enthusiastic support of the founders, we are sure that the project will continue to grow as a vital means of artistic expression throughout an increasing number of countries both by means of active participation and through a growing number of national and international exhibitions.
Project DIN A4, a brief history

2000 The DIN A4 project started in August 2000 as one of the ideas initiated by the Artist Collective L5, consisting of Pi Backus, Hans Kuys, Petro van Mourik, Ans Deenen, Margriet Geraets, and Joop Lommertzen, in Roermond, Holland, having ad hoc sponsoring by the Government of Limburg.
2001 The idea was extended to become an internet manifestation. At the same time, itinerant exhibitions were, and are, organized to display the actual works. As of this time, the exhibition has visited, or is planned to, places like Germany, France, Holland, Poland, Bosnia, Mexico, and Cuba, as well as other countries.
2006 Part of the collection was moved to Malaga, at first hosted by the Gabinete de Hyde (Antonio Troyano in coordination with Ernst Kraft), later by the association Malaga on. (Coordinated by Ernst Kraft and Veronica Romero)
2008 L5 organised its farewell exhibition with the show "Din A4 total" in the Stedelijk Museum in Roermond, and after a representative exhibition in Belforte (Italy), curated by Alfonso Caputo on behalf of Terra dell'arte, the entire collection has become the main project of Malaga on.
2009 The new DIN A4 website has been launched by the Area de Cultura of Malaga, and the collection was stored in the Municipal Archive of the city. Ever since relevant exhibitions have been in organized in Spain, Argentina and Peru.
2014 The Din A4 Project has moved to Leusden, Holland to be continued by the Cultural Foundation "La Casa Holandesa - Terra dell' Arte", under chairmanship of Margareth Degeling.
Present organization of the DIN A4 project

Conservation, consolidation, filing, and extending the collection as well its promotion and exhibition, in collaboration with participating artists, other cultural associations or institutions, is carried out and is the exclusive responsibility of the Cultural Foundation "La Casa Holandesa - Terra dell' Arte",: Margareth Degeling, Robert Poelstra and Manuel Azaro Poelstra.

Cultural Foundation "La Casa Holandesa - Terra dell' Arte",
Dalmatië   5 - 3831 EE – Leusden - The Netherlands

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For several years, the former organizer Asociación Malaga on and the present one Cultural Foundation "La Casa Holandesa - Terra dell' Arte", have worked closely with Terra dell'arte and Ars Latina
An international committee has been established to support and advise, when necessary, to guarantee the artistic standards of the DIN A4 project.
Members of the International Committee: Pi Backus (as founder and former coordinator of DIN A4 on behalf of L5), Alfonso Caputo (on behalf of Terra dell'arte and Ars Latina), Laura Castanedo (on behalf of Terra dell'arte and Ars Latina), Ingrid Rosas, Jorge Restrepo, Raúl Fernández Olivi, Juan Carlos Delgado, Juan Pablo Chipe with Ernst Kraft, as former president of the project, Veronica Romero (on behalf of Malaga on) and the board of the Cultural Foundation "La Casa Holandesa - Terra dell' Arte": Margareth Degeling (president), Robert Poelstra (treasurer) and Manuel Azaro Poelstra (secretary).

Any possible future member will be selected on artistic and organizational merits but also for geographical reasons to guarantee the global aspect of the project

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